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A functioning plumbing system is a staple for comfortable living. Whether it’s running water or flushing toilets, you don’t realize how much your plumbing does – until something goes wrong. At Drain Masters, our team works quickly and efficiently to get your plumbing right. We provide exceptional plumbing services in Anchorage backed by over 20 years of experience. Because for us, our customer’s comfort is our top priority.

Whether you need a pipe repaired or a water heater installed, we do it all. Call (907) 268-4557 to schedule a service today.

When to Call a Plumber

Many homeowners attempt to save money by handling plumbing problem themselves. While this may work for the interim, it might end up costing more in the long run. Our skilled Anchorage plumbers have extensive knowledge with Alaska’s plumbing. We understand the properties in Anchorage and how the weather effects your pipes. This allows us to provide accurate diagnosis of plumbing issues and create custom solutions.

Important times to call the plumber include:

  • Water Heater Problems – If your water heater is acting up and you no longer have hot water at home, it’s time to call a plumber. There can be something wrong with the water heater’s thermostat or build up of sediment. Either way, it can be a risky and dangerous job. Have the professionals handle it.
  • Installation Projects – Whether you are installing a new toilet or want to update your pipe work, it’s important to have a professional do it. Proper installation ensures your plumbing works properly and helps avoid costly repairs in the future.
  • Sewer Line Issues Issues with sewer lines are serious because it can be tied to municipal sewer systems and because it deals with toxic sewage. Plumbers have the training necessary to deal with things like sewage leaks or sewer line installations.

Of course, these aren’t the only times you should call a plumber but they usually are the most common. Our plumbers at Drain Master have served the Anchorage community for over two decades. We understand not just the plumbing but the people. We respect your time and home by being prompt, professional, and clean.

Contact our team to schedule your plumbing service today. Ask about our financing options.

Customer Reviews

  • “Friendly service during the drain cleaning and he took the time to explain what I could do to prevent this from happening, including what I could do myself to keep costs down.”


  • “Excellent service”


  • “They did a wonderful job, Rees was professional, polite, and on time!”

    Desiree M

  • “Thank you so much again!”

    Bridget L

  • “They are my go-to for drainage issues.”

    Lindy I.

  • “Jeff did a fantastic job on our home plumbing needs this morning, only took him 32 minutes!”

    Mark M.

  • “What I greatly appreciated was how he clearly explained each step of the process, giving me great confidence in the job being done right.”

    David F

  • “This is a no brainer. If you want someone to show up when they say they will, do what they said they would, for the price quoted, call Rich. Great guy who does a great job.”


  • “Jeffery from DM came and through his persistence, he was able to unplug our drain line.”

    Jolene B.

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