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Camera Inspection & Diagnostics

Reliable Drain & Sewer Camera Inspection in Anchorage

State-of-the-Art Technology to Diagnose Your Plumbing Problems

Plumbing problems, especially those with your drains and sewer line, aren’t always apparent from the outside. To find exactly where a clog is impacting your system, or to find the source of a leak, Drain Masters employs special camera inspection equipment to diagnose your problems.

Contact us today to schedule a drain or sewer camera inspection in Anchorage. We’ll get to the root of the problem and provide quick and efficient repairs.

How Does a Drain or Sewer Camera Inspection Work?

Just like a doctor uses a small camera on a flexible scope in medical procedures, such as an endoscopy, we use state-of-the-art camera inspection equipment to learn exactly what’s going on within your drains and sewer lines. We feed a camera into your system via a long, flexible cable that then transmits high-definition footage to a small monitor. This allows us to pinpoint the exact cause of your clog or the precise location of a leak. Once we’ve done so, we easily remove the scope and begin any necessary repairs.

Advantages of Camera Inspection

If you’re experiencing clogs, sewage backup, or slow drains, an inspection may be the best solution to determining the source of the problem. Drain Masters’ skilled technicians can help you diagnose and resolve such issues with ease using our specific Anchorage drain camera inspection method.

Benefits of this method include:

  • Any problems are diagnosed accurately
  • Exact locations are determined; can find the best access point for repair
  • No digging necessary to find the problem
  • Expert handling means minimal or no damage to your drains or sewer line

Get the Expert Diagnosis You Deserve

Our Anchorage drain camera inspections are backed by 20+ years of knowledge and experience. This means we don’t just see the problem—we understand it and know the best way of tackling it. Again, just like a doctor has years of training and practice with cases to know how to treat a medical issue, we have the training and practice to get your pipes back in order quickly, without error, and without extra headaches for you.

Drain Masters is a local, family-owned company with great reviews. We have multiple trucks and workers ready to head out and get your home back to normal. If you’ve been looking for a plumber to rely on, no need to look further—problem solved.

You can count on us to quickly diagnose your home’s drain and sewer problems. Call us today at (907) 268-4557 to schedule your camera inspection!

Customer Reviews

  • “This is a no brainer. If you want someone to show up when they say they will, do what they said they would, for the price quoted, call Rich. Great guy who does a great job.”


  • “They are my go-to for drainage issues.”

    Lindy I.

  • “Excellent service”


  • “They did a wonderful job, Rees was professional, polite, and on time!”

    Desiree M

  • “Thank you so much again!”

    Bridget L

  • “Jeffery from DM came and through his persistence, he was able to unplug our drain line.”

    Jolene B.

  • “What I greatly appreciated was how he clearly explained each step of the process, giving me great confidence in the job being done right.”

    David F

  • “Friendly service during the drain cleaning and he took the time to explain what I could do to prevent this from happening, including what I could do myself to keep costs down.”


  • “Jeff did a fantastic job on our home plumbing needs this morning, only took him 32 minutes!”

    Mark M.

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