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Drain Clearing vs Drain Cleaning:

Drain clearing: 

When material gets lodged in a pipe, whether the pipe is a fixture drain or a sewer line, the drain clogs and prevents water from traveling through the waste system. These clogs can be frustrating and inconvenient and cause a great deal of discomfort and even property damage and health risks. It is important to have clogs addressed quickly and professionally.  

Our technicians use cables to clear clogs and restore flow to the drain. BUT! Snakes and cables do not CLEAN drains. Clearing a clog is not insurance that clogs won’t recur. The condition of the pipe and its proper use are the biggest indicators of its continued utility and functionality. A drain line doesn’t improve on its own.  

Drain Cleaning: 

Over time drains can become coated with fats, oils, and grease, experience the buildup of mineral deposits, and develop scale, the “rust” from the interior of an aging cast iron pipe. The buildup will impede the efficiency of your home’s drain system, increasing the likelihood and frequency of clogs and backups. Sewer lines can also have roots, rocks, and other debris that negatively affect the system, requiring more advanced techniques to address the issue. CLEANING the drain system is the most effective way to ensure it works optimally to keep you comfortable and healthy.  

We use millers, rock-remover machines, root machines, and hydro-jetting to clean drains, depending on the presenting problems. Millers are machines similar to snakes with more advanced tools to reach the diameter of the pipe and reduce long-term scale, buildup, and debris. Root machines chop up and remove root masses in sewer lines. Hydro-jetters use high-pressure water to power clean the diameter of a pipe as well as flush out debris from milling and root removal. 

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